Our Portfolio

Get a feel of a few examples of projects we have worked on.

100+ Projects Under Our Belt

We have worked on a myriad of projects, most notably including:

  • Ozone Generator
  • Food Testing Device
  • Air Purifier
  • Drone
  • USB Charging Hub
  • Ultra-Wideband Tracking
  • IoT Sensor Devices
  • Security Testing Tools
  • Manufacturing Test Jigs
  • Electronics Engineering Tools
  • Modular Software Frameworks
  • And More!

Circuit Board Design

A selection of recent circuit boards we have produced.


Combining binaural beats with spoken affirmations to relax and relieve stress and anxiety, as well as improve your mindset and performance.

Listen to pre-made sessions by Affirmate, or create your own custom session:

  1. Customise the binaural beat
  2. Select from 1000+ spoken affirmations
  3. Choose a voice
  4. Save your session and listen daily
5 Star Rating

Top G-Force

Reaching #22 on the App Store in 24 hours!

Put your pedal to the metal and measure your car’s max G-Force output power!

 Mount your phone to your car, press start, and drive, and the app will track the maximum G-Force you achieve.

 Save and share your results with your friends.

    5 Star Rating

    Your Help – AI Therapy

    Your Help – where transformative mental health support is just a tap away.

    Your Help pairs you with AI-powered therapists, offering personalised, empathetic, and confidential support anytime, anywhere.

     Choose from 12 Therapists and chat completely confidentially, where all data is saved locally.

     Whether you’re seeking guidance through life’s ups and downs or a listening ear for your thoughts and feelings, Your Help is here.

      5 Star Rating

      Ask Chad

      The ultimate AI-powered dating advice app that brings red pill philosophy into the modern dating scene.

      Embrace a new perspective on dating, relationships, and personal growth with AI-driven insights tailored just for you.

        5 Star Rating

        Our Electronics Design and Development Services

        Motherboard Electronics

        Electronics Design

        Software Source Control

        Embedded Software

        Mobile Tablet Devices

        Mobile App Development

        Cloud Graphic

        Cloud Development

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