Electronics Design

Made for success.

We develop electronic devices from concept to production.

We create devices that connect.

We develop electronic devices in a range of industries, including consumer electronics, gaming and agriculture.

We have a passion for designing “connected” devices, and utilising and integrating the latest technologies into our designs.

We create apps that engage.

Apps that engange

Mobile app design is both an art and a technical feat. We do both.

We develop engaging and reliable mobile apps in a range of categories, ranging from mental health to car utilities.

We develop cloud systems for integration with our apps to keep users connected and gather analytics on user behaviour.

We use technology to bring your ideas to reality.

Success Focused

At Zeus Design we are geared towards prioritising our customer’s success. Our design processes allow for proof-of-concepts and prototypes to be designed and produced rapidly to gain critical user and test feedback. This allows your minimum viable product to reach the market in a state best set up for success.

We also have a variety of financing options for startups with low capital, allowing you to invest less in the design and development process and receive the same outcome.

Made for Manufacture

Manufacturing cost and yield is critical for any product. We develop all our prototypes with manufacture in mind, ensuring cost is kept to a minimum and yield is maximised. This allows us to ensuring the manufacturing process is tested as part of the prototyping process.

Complete Technology Ecosystem

We know the entire ecosystem of hardware, software, mobile apps and cloud. Coupled with our unique skillset and diverse libraries, we are the best at creating a completely integrated system for your product.

What our Clients are Saying

5 Star Rating
“Zeus Design produced a bespoke, VERY random electronics solution in a very short time frame and smashed the brief. Highly recommended if you have any electronics/software queries – Michael will definitely be able to help.”

Daniel Burns, Akcleo

5 Star Rating
“I had some research and development and a basic tech demo completed by Zeus Design for an app idea I had. Very happy with the work, transparency and all round outcome. I will definitely be coming back for future projects.”

Gideon Kanikevich, Bokay

5 Star Rating
“I am really grateful and satisfied with my interactions with Zeus Designs regarding the creation and regular updates for my application development. The time taken to understand my end goal and vision for the application as well as the advice provided towards obtaining a plan within my budget. This also helped me to work with my app and observe ways to improve through real-time performance.

Looking forward to working with them in the future.”

Cam Theys, Dates and Mates

5 Star Rating
“I’ve had an excellent 5-month experience with Zeus Design, especially with Michael, in developing a high-quality PCB for my business. Michael’s expertise, along with his approachable and accommodating nature, made the process seamless. The project was flawlessly executed, delivered on time, and within budget. Zeus Design’s outstanding service, flexibility with last-minute changes, and overall pleasure to work with, makes them highly recommendable for any electrical design work. Looking forward to our next collaboration!”

Thomas Degenhardt, Simtronix Industries

Our Services

Electronics Design and Engineering

As a leading electronics design firm in Sydney, we offer a spectrum of services that span from initial concept development to full-scale production. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the technical aspects of electronics, ensuring that every project we undertake is met with precision and innovation. Our team is equipped with an extensive hardware library and a wealth of experience, enabling us to develop reliable and robust hardware solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each product.

Our comprehensive electronics design Sydney solutions are well equipped to your needs.

Embedded Software Development

At Zeus Design, we excel in embedded software development, creating robust and reliable solutions that bring our electronic devices to life. Our team rapidly develops software enriched with features, ensuring seamless network connectivity and easy mobile app integration. We are committed to quality, utilizing our extensive libraries to speed up development and reduce risk. Beyond project completion, we offer ongoing support and release maintenance, ensuring our embedded solutions continue to evolve and excel.

Mobile App Design and Development

In the field of mobile app development, there is a dedication to crafting responsive and visually stunning applications for both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring a seamless user experience across various devices. The focus is on rapid development and robust design, utilizing extensive software libraries to streamline the process from concept to release, while minimizing risks. Continuous support and timely updates post-launch guarantee the application’s relevance and excellence in the constantly evolving digital world.

Cloud Development

In cloud development, the focus is on crafting seamless solutions that enable and enhance IoT devices and mobile apps, ensuring smooth technology integration. This includes developing REST APIs, managing data via cloud storage, and establishing robust IoT connectivity for remote device control and updates. Mobile app integration is crucial, facilitating data storage in the cloud and enabling user behaviour analytics. The comprehensive full-stack development approach guarantees seamless architecture and optimal performance across all levels._

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Our Services

Motherboard Electronics

Electronics Design

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Embedded Software

Mobile Tablet Devices

Mobile App Development

Cloud Graphic

Cloud Development

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