Embedded Software

We rapidly develop reliable and robust software for our electronic devices to enable rich features and provide network connectivity and mobile app integration.

Our Embedded Software Development Capabilities

Robot Vacuum

Rapid, Reliable and Robust Design

We develop software to the highest quality standards to ensure reliability, and hardness the power of our software libraries to significantly speed up development and reduce risk.

IoT Device Circuitboard

IoT Connectivity

Our embedded software is easily integrable with our cloud systems, allowing data to be stored and devices to be controlled and updated remotely.

Mobile App Design Render

Mobile App Integration

We develop software that can integrate with a mobile app, allowing it to be monitored, controlled and updated conveniently by a user and ultimately enhance user experience.

Over the Air Update App

Release Maintenance

Following the completion of the project, we continue to support our clients to provide software updates for products to provide performance improvements and feature enhancements. 

We also enable over-the-air (OTA) updates for our embedded devices, so devices can easily keep themselves up to date, or users can update their devices via a companion mobile app.

Advanced Embedded Software Engineering

Robust and Feature Rich Software Libraries

Our software libraries include a deep variety of drivers and middleware ready to use in your next design, speeding up development and reducing risk.

Embedded Software Expertise

We have the knowledge, skills and expertise to utilise a wide variety of technologies in our products, notably:

  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G/5G, Satellite, NB-IoT
  • USB, Ethernet, CAN
  • Motor, Servo, Solenoid, Haptic control
  • LCD/OLED Displays
  • Sensors: GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Gas, Optical, Position, Proximity, Force, Particle, Camera, Thermal, Capacitive, UV, IR
  • Ultra-low power
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

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